Sold Out Prints by Robert Taylor

Abbeville Boys

Ace of Aces

Aces on the Western Front

After the Battle

Air Apaches on the Warpath

Ark Royal

Assault on the Capital

Atlantic Rendezvous

Atlantic Wolves

Attack on the Hiei

Bader's Bus Company

Balloon Buster

Battle of Britain V.C.

Battleship Bismarck

Beach Head Strike Force

Birth of a Legend

Bombers Moon

The Bridge at Remagen

Broken Silence

Canadian Wing

Caught on the Surface

The Channel Dash

Chennault's Flying Tigers

Climbing Out

Combat Over London

Combat Over the Reich

Coming Home

Coming Home Together

Company of Heroes

Concorde Formation

Corporate Action

Crewing Up


Dambusters - The Impossible Mission

Dawn Eagles Rising

Dawn Operations

Dawn Patrol

Dawn Scramble

D-Day The Airborne Assault

The Doolittle Raiders

The Doolittle Tokyo Raiders

Doolittle's D-Day

Duel of Eagles

Eagles at Dawn

Eagle Attack

Eagles High

Eagles Out of the Sun

Eagles Over the Rhine

Eagle Squadron Scramble

Early Morning Arrival

Escort for the Straggler

Fighter General

Fight for the Sky

First Combat

Flight of Eagles

Fourth Fighter Patrol

Gathering of Eagles

G for George

Glorious Summer

Hartmann Tribute

Head On Attack

Height of the Battle

Helping Hand

High Patrol

H.M.S. Cavalier

H.M.S. Kelly

H.M.S. Kelly at Grand Harbour, Malta

Home at Dusk

The Homecoming

Home Run

Hornblower and the Atropos

Hurricane Force


Hurricane Scramble

In Gallant Company



Knights Cross

Knights of the Eastern Front


Lancaster Under Attack

Last Flight Home

Last Moments of the Hood

Lightning Strike

Limitless Horizons

Limping Home

Low Holding

Malta - George Cross

Memorial Flight

Memphis Belle

Midway - Strike Against the Akagi

Midway - Turning of the Tide

Mission Completed

Moral Support

Mustangs on the Prowl

Operation Chastise

Outward Bound

Phantom Launch

Phantom Showtime

Phantom Strike

Queen's Flight

Reach for the Skies

Rangers on the Rampage

Return from Schweinfurt

Return of the Belle

Return of the Few

Return to Duxford

Royal Yacht Britannia

SE5A at St. Omer

Sea Harriers

Sigh of the Merlin


Spitfires Over Darwin

Steaming Into Wind

Sting of the Black Tulip

Stirlings Outward Bound

Stormbirds Over the Reich

Straggler Returns

Struggle for Supremacy

Summer Victory


Swordfish Attack at Taranto

Tally Ho

Tangmere Wing

Target Peenemunde

Typhoon Attack

Victory Flyover

Victory Over Dunkirk

Victory Salute

Welcome Sight

Winter's Welcome

Zemke's Wolfpack

Zero Encounter