Sold Out Prints by Nicolas Trudgian

Advance Into Europe

Alfa Strike

Alpine Thunder

Ardennes Offensive

Back from Normandy

Battle of Kursk

Black Cat Rescue

Black Devil

The Black Sheep

Bob Stanford-Tuck

Bomber Force

Breaching the Dam

Canyon of Lost Souls

Clash Over Remagen

Colditz - Under New Management

Combat Over Beachy Head

Combat Over New Guinea

Dawn Chorus

Day of the Fighters

Desert Sharks and Eagles

Desert Victory

The Dragons of Colombert

Duxford Eagles

End Game

First Flap of the Day

First Strike on Berlin

Flight Out of Hell

Gunfight Over Rabaul

Head to Head

Holding the Line

Home at Dawn

Homeward Bound

Hot Pursuit

Hunter Force

Hurricane Country

Hurricane Heroes

Ice Warriors

In Defense of the Reich

Invasion Force

Jet Interceptors

Jet Strike

Jolly Rogers

Kiwi Strike

Knights of the Sky

Kursk - Clash of Steel

Messerschmitt Country

Moonlight Hunter

Mosquitos at Dusk

Mosquitos Over the Rhine

Mountain Wolf

Mustang Mayhem

Mustangs Over the Eagles Nest

Mustangs Over the Mediterranean

Mynarski's Lancaster

Night Hunters of the Reich

Normandy Breakout

Normandy Fighter Sweep

One Tens Over Kent

Operation Bodenplatte

Operation Mercury

Operation Tidal Wave

Raising Havoc in the Ardennes

Rat Poison

Return of the Hunters

Return to Rattlesden

Richthofen's Flying Circus

Ruhr Valley Invaders

Safe Haven

Scramble for the Marianas

Sinking the Tirpitz

Spirit of the Mountain

Spitfire Country

Squadron Scramble

Storm Chasers

Stormclouds Gather

Tangmere Hurricanes

Their Finest Hour

The Three Hundred Club

Thunderbolts and Lightnings

Thundering Home

Tiger Fire

Tigers in Normandy

Tiger! Tiger!

Timber Wolf

Tokyo Bound


Twilight Conquest

Typhoons at Falaise

Typhoons Over the Rhine

Victory Over Gold

Victory Over the Rhine

Vulcan Thunder

Welcome Respite

Winter Combat

Winter of 41

Winter Patrol

Winter Wolves