The Aviation Art of Nicolas Trudgian

Bandits! 300 Plus
Bandits! 200 Plus
Seven signatures - $345
Battle for the Islands - by Nicolas Trudgian
Battle for the Islands
Three signatures - $225
The Battle of Crete - by Nicolas Trudgian
The Battle of Crete
Five signatures - $350
The Big Guns - by Nicolas Trudgian
The Big Guns
Three pilot signatures - $245

The Cold Front - by Nicolas Trudgian
The Cold Front
Three pilot signatures - $240
(available with additional signatures)

Dangerous Moonlight - by Nicolas Trudgian
Dangerous Moonlight
Three pilot signatures - $240
(available with additional signatures

Day of the Fighters - by Nicolas Trudgian
Day of the Fighters
Three pilot signatures - $395
Erich Rudorffer Tribute
The Erich Rudorffer Tribute
Signed by Erich Rudorffer- $215
(available with original Luftwaffe document)
Fast Company - by Nicolas Trudgian
Fast Company
Three signatures - $250
(available with additional signatures)
Fortress Malta - by Nicolas Trudgian
Fortress Malta
Three signatures - $275

Heia Safari! - by Nicolas Trudgian
Heia Safari!
Seven signatures - $320
(available with additional signatures)

High Summer - High Battle - by Nicolas Trudgian
High Summer - High Battle
Three pilot signatures - $185
Lightning Encounter - by Nicolas Trudgian
Lightning Encounter
four pilot signatures - $225
London Pride - by Nicolas Trudgian
London Pride
One pilot signature - $150
(available on canvas)
Operation Bodenplatte
Operation Bodenplatte
Four signatures - $265
Peiper's Last Advance - by Nicolas Trudgian
Peiper's Last Advance
Five signatures - $240
(available with additional signatures)

The Road to Dunkirk - by Nicolas Trudgian
The Road to Dunkirk
Five pilot signatures - $225

Safe Haven - by Nicolas Trudgian
Safe Haven
Four signatures - $195
Scramble for the Marianas - by Nicolas Trudgian
Scramble for the Marianas
Four signatures - $275

Screaming Jericho
Screaming Jericho
Artist signed - $100

Sea Wolves - by Nicolas Trudgian
Sea Wolves
Four signatures - $240
(available with additional signatures)
Slowing the Red Tide - by Nicolas Trudgian
Slowing the Red Tide
Nine signatures - $345
(available with additional signatures)

Snow Warriors - by Nicolas Trudgian
Snow Warriors
One pilot signature - $165
Stalingrad - by Nicolas Trudgian
Six signatures - $325
(available with additional signatures)
Star of Afrika - by Nicolas Trudgian
Star of Afrika
Two signatures - $240
Storm Chasers - by Nicolas Trudgian
Storm Chasers
Four signatures - $265
Storm Force - by Nicolas Trudgian
Storm Force
Two signatures - $240
(available with additional signatures)
Summer Storm - by Nicolas Trudgian
Summer Storm
Four signatures - $240
(available with additional signatures)
Target London - by Nicolas Trudgian
Target London
Six signatures - $320
(available with additional signatures)
Tigers in Normandy - by Nicolas Trudgian
Tigers in Normandy
Three panzer signatures - $245
Typhoons Over the Rhine
Typhoons Over the Rhine
Two Typhoon pilot signatures - $195

Under the Radar
Under the Radar
Eight signatures - $345

The White Eagle - by Nicolas Trudgian
The White Eagle
One signatures - $145
(available with additional signatures)
Nicolas Trudgian

Nicolas Trudgian

Having graduated from art college, Nicolas Trudgian spent many years as a professional illustrator before turning to a career in fine art painting. His crisp style of realism, attention to detail, compositional skills and bright use of colours, immediately found favour with collectors and demand for his original work soared on both sides of the Atlantic. Today, more than a decade after becoming a fine art painter, Nicolas Trudgian is firmly established within a tiny, elite group of aviation artists whose works are genuinely collected world-wide.

When he paints an aircraft you can be sure he has researched it in every detail and when he puts it over a particular airfield, the chances are he has paid it a recent visit. Even when he paints a sunset over a tropical island, or mist hanging over a valley in China, most probably he has seen it with his own eyes.

Nick was born and raised in the seafaring city of Plymouth, the port from which the Pilgrim Fathers set sail in 1620, and where Sir Francis Drake played bowls while awaiting the Spanish Armada. Growing up in a house close to the railway station within a busy military city, the harbour always teeming with naval vessels and the skies above resonating with the sounds of naval aircraft, it was not at all surprising the young Nick became fascinated with trains, boats and aircraft.

It was from his father, himself a talented artist, that Nick acquired his love of drawing and surrounded by so much that was inspiring, there was never a shortage of ideas for pictures. His talent began to show at an early age and although he did well enough at school, he always spent a disproportionate amount of time drawing. People talked about him becoming a Naval officer or an architect but in 1975 Nick's mind was made up. When he told his careers teacher he wanted to go to art school the man said, 'Now come on, what do you really want to do?"

After leaving school Nick began a one-year foundation course at the Plymouth College of Art. Now armed with an impressive portfolio containing paintings of jet aircraft, trains, even wildlife, he was immediately accepted at every college he applied to join. He chose a course at the Falmouth College of Art in Cornwall specialising in technical illustration and paintings of machines and vehicles for industry. It was perfect for Nick, and he was to become one of the star pupils. One of the lecturers commented at the time: "Every college needs someone with a talent like Nick to raise the standards sky high; he carried all the other students along with him, and created an effect which will last for years to come." Two weeks after leaving art college Nick blew every penny he
had on a trip to South Africa to ride the great steam trains across the desert, sketching them at every opportunity.

Returning to England, in best traditions of all young artists, he struggled to make a living. Paintings by an unknown artist didn't fetch much despite the painstaking effort and time Nick put into each work, so when the college he had recently left offered him a job as a lecturer, he jumped at the chance. The money was good and he discovered that he really enjoyed teaching.

Throughout the 1970s Nick was much involved with a railway preservation society near Plymouth and it was through the railway society that he had his first pictures reproduced as prints. But Nick felt he needed to advance his career and in summer 1985 Nick moved away from Cornwall to join an energetic new design studio in Wiltshire. Here he painted detailed artwork for many major companies including Rolls Royce, General Motors, Volvo Trucks, Alfa Romeo and, to his delight, the aviation and defence industries. He remembers the job as exciting though stressful, often requiring him to work right through the night to meet a client's deadline. Here he learned to be disciplined and fast.

Towards the end of the 1980's Nick had the chance to work for the Military Gallery. This was the break that for years he had been striving towards and with typical enthusiasm, flung himself into his new role. After completing a series of aviation posters, including a gigantic painting to commemorate the seventy-fifth anniversary of the Royal Air Force, Nick's first aviation scene to be published as a limited edition was launched by the Military Gallery in 1991. Despite the fact he was unknown in the field, it was an immediate success.

Over the past decade Nick has earned a special reputation for giving those who love his work much more than just aircraft in his paintings. He goes to enormous lengths with his backgrounds, filling them with interesting and accurate detail, all designed to help give the aircraft in his paintings a tremendous sense of location and purpose. His landscapes are quite breathtaking and his buildings demonstrate an uncanny knowledge of perspective but it is the hardware in his paintings which are most striking. Whether it is an aircraft, tank, petrol bowser, or tractor, Nick brings it to life with all the inordinate skill of a truly accomplished fine art painter.

A prodigious researcher, Nick travels extensively in his constant quest for information and fresh ideas. He has visited India, China, South Africa, South America, the Caribbean and travels regularly to the United States and Canada. He likes nothing better than to be out and about with sketchbook at the ready and if there is an old steam train in the vicinity, well that's a bonus!